BL-P V6 digital

BL-P V6 digital

presented LSdigital  

the digitally switchable lighting board


BL-P V6dig.


The BL-P V6dig. as the BL-P V5. equipped with high-efficiency ten LEDs that can be connected in pairs to two LEDs. 

It has three separate function outputs, whose functions and effects such as light bulbs, neon tubes or the like can be programmed via CV.

As the BL-P V5 has a new board at the usual places dotted lines, where you can remove the board.



As you can see, the back of the BL-P V6dig was. as well designed as the analog BL-P V5. The same connector markings on the sides allow you to use not only the separated platinum parts again, you can combine the two BL-P and installing in a train.

By current continuation at the back you prevent difficult cable through the car even with the new board.



The highlights:


  •  Brightness and effects set in two groups per CV
  •  various effects such as light bulbs, neon tubes and the like programmable
  •  three separate function outputs 
  •  divisible to the usual places such as the BL-P V5
  •  Power consumption below 50mA
  •  can also be used in combination in a train with the BL-P V5
  •  no annoying cables run through thanks to the current continuation at the back
  •  Mass 237mm x 12mm
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