Steam Era Lighting

Steam Era Lighting


“Steam Era” is perhaps a little deceptive… 

From the earliest days of railways, lamps, similar to those on city and village street corners and other gathering places were placed on stations and in goods yards. 

Initially oil powered, the lamps were gradually changed to town gas and many stayed this way until well after World War 2 in smaller villages or remote areas... However in busier areas and in larger towns, as the distribution of electric power widened, many gas lamps were quickly converted to electricity via the simple process of running wires into them and replacing the gas mantle and frame with an electric fitting and bulb.

Built to last, many of these lamps exist today, still fulfilling their original purpose. 

Well over 100 years after they first became part of the “street-scape” their design is fondly remembered, so that even newly developed station and village areas are incorporating modern-day replicas of these iconic designs!

DCCconcepts have created a beautifully crafted range of lamps based on original manufacturer drawings and using only the finest of modelling techniques. Because of this, DCCconcepts lamps stand out in the crowd as truly fine-scale lamp models. 

For example … We utilise fine etched brass for lamp frames, solid brass or stainless steel post tubing covered with ABS to create fine but “always perfectly straight” six-sided tapered posts and barley-twist posts and fine hand-soldered brass wire to simulate the cast filigree around wall lamp brackets.

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