Buffer Stops

Of course, in almost every case, where there are post-type lamps, there will be wall lamps in a similar style. We have therefore created a range of both Gas and Swan-type wall lamps in all of the common railway colours… plus black.

Using the same techniques as our other lamps, these wall lamps are finely detailed and really do stand up to close examination, so they will add greatly to the appearance of buildings on any layout.

Wall lamps come in pack of two and we also add some of our “prototype white” LEDS into each pack so that you can light up building interiors with an appropriately matched light colour.

We recommend a final voltage range of 3 to 5v for realistic light levels for our wall lamps. 

(The supplied light control PCB’s will deliver this if connect them correctly and you choose a regulated DC power wall-plug type power supply of between 6 and 12v).

Owners of Swan neck lamps in particular must pay attention to using the correct voltage – because even a little too much will damage the “glass lamp bowl”.

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Page 1 of 1:    2 Items
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