Class 261 in H0

Class 261 in H0

31150 - BR 261 082, traffic red, DC/AC 31151 - MRCE 261 300, black, DC/AC 31152 - GSI 561 308, grey, DC/AC 31153 - Baneservice 260 507, traffic red, DC/AC 31154 - HzL 261 002, traffic red, AC 31155 - Stahl Gerlafingen 847 004, DC/AC 31156 - Northrail 261 302, orange, DC/AC 31157 - Voith-RWE 261 303, grey, DC/AC 31158 - Voith 261 304, grey, DC/AC

Class 260, developed by Voith Turbo Lokomotivtechnik GmbH & Co KG (the German Voith locomotive works), was intended to replace ageing Class V60s and V90s. On the wish list of the DB was a modern diesel locomotive with a central cab suitable for both heavy shunting service and for longer transfer runs and it had to, of course, meet the regulations regarding exhaust emissions. The class 260 locomotives leased to the DB in 2010 did not meet the more stringent regulations in terms of emissions without additional adaptations, for which reason the DB ordered the fitting of a diesel soot particle filter in the locomotives of the series production. The pre-production locomotives 260 001 and 260 502 to 510 were returned to Voith. Voith adapted the already approved locomotives in terms of their exhaust emissions and leased them to the Hohenzollerische Landesbahn HzL (261 002 and 510) as well as to the DB. The 130 locomotives of the series production delivered as from 2010 were classified as 261 (261 011 to 140).  The last locomotive manufactured until now is listed as 261 109 and was added to the fleet of class 261 in April 2013.  Both the class 260 and 261 are powered by a MTU diesel engine 8V 4000 R 41 generating 1000 kW at 1800 revs/min. In shunting mode these locomotives reach 50 km/h, in normal mode up to 100 km/h. The starting tractive effort reaches up to 258 kN and thus exceeds the one of the class 294/295 (231 kN) and even that of class 225/218 (235 kN). All DB locomotives are equipped with the automatic intermittent train control system PZB 90. For that reason they are permitted to run on high speed lines. They are also equipped with an automatic shunting coupler. The distinctive shape with the angular arrangement of the headlights and the hoods with their chamfered front give them an unmistakable appearance on Germany’s rails. The locomotives are based at the DB Schenker depots Gremberg, Halle/Saale, Mainz-Bischofsheim, Maschen, Oberhausen-Osterfeld Süd, and Seelze amongst others. In many instances their range of operations is quite impressive.

Ordering information

  Art.No. Description Delivery
  31150 Diesel locomotive, H0, 261 082, traffic red, EP VI, Sound+v, DC/AC Q1/16
  31151 Diesel locomotive, H0, MRCE261 300, black, EP VI, Sound+Smoke, DC/AC Q1/16
  31152 Diesel locomotive, H0, GSI261 308, grey, EP VI, Sound+Smoke, DC/AC Q1/16
  31153 Diesel locomotive, H0, Baneservice, 260 507, traffic red, EP VI, Sound+Smoke, DC/AC Q1/16
  31154 Diesel locomotive, H0, HzL261 002, traffic red, EP VI, Sound+Smoke, DC/AC Q1/16
  31155 Diesel locomotive, H0, Gerlafingen 847-004, EP VI, Sound+Smoke, DC/AC Q1/16
NEW! 31156 Diesel locomotive, H0, NorthRail 261 302, Ep VI, orange, Sound+Smoke, DC/AC Q1/16
NEW! 31157 Diesel locomotive, H0, Voith-RWE, 261 303, Ep VI, grey, Sound+Smoke,DC/AC Q1/16
NEW! 31158 Diesel locomotive, H0, Voith, 261 304, Ep VI, grey, Sound+Smoke,DC/AC Q1/16
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Page 1 of 1:    3 Items
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