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We are very proud of Zen..because we really have created something special!

It’s not that it’s hard to design a good decoder, but so much effort is often put into software that the practical things can be lost when it comes to the physical design.

DCCconcepts have done well with decoders, and our existing range has been well liked by most…but it became increasingly clear as we talked to our users across the world that more thought was needed.

Some issues were almost ignored, and that’s all very well, but some prototypes, made to a smaller loading gauge than the USA and parts of Europe, can give modellers a real headache when it comes to installing a decoder into a scale model. So…we took a different approach in their creation.


Zen: The name we chose says it all…

We ignored convention, looking across problems not at them. We looked at need not want…and we enjoyed doing it.

Zen we focused on decoder size reductions…fewer wires and less wiring…big performance in small spaces, “big power” decoders still small enough for smaller locos in larger scales. Settings “out of the box” that deliver a super-smooth loco drive and importantly, very affordable, higher quality yet even smaller Stay-Alives.™ BEMF that never needs adjusting.

With the software already having been in creation for well over a year, ignoring the normal and changing our thoughts towards a “New approach to design” was actually a lot of fun.

We made sure there were enough light functions to do the job and features to satisfy anyone. We made sure all Zen decoders would fit into – and cope with all RTR locomotive power needs from Z to OO/HO and On30 etc…

We designed for exceptional reliability, ease of understanding and affordability… We really explored easy installation in depth… Plus the basics like sticking to standards, versatile set up without complication and many other small details… All important.

So… Zen is a totally new approach with seven all-new designs, from what is by a large margin the world’s smallest direct plug decoder to the Zen Buddha – the smallest “big decoder” there is for larger scales… but small in size… with 6 functions, 3-way overload protection and a Herculean motor drive.

Zen also features multiple connection options so one decoder will fit many loco types. Zen brings two new Stay-Alives.™, smaller and thinner to help you install them, but also far more powerful.

Zen is sold in single or five-packs to offer exceptional value.

We really like Zen, we hope you do too!

For Zen and other useful manuals, please click here!



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