DCCconcepts Standard Decoders

DCCconcepts Standard Decoders


There are many brands of decoders out there, but how many really stand out?

As modellers, with a very long history of DCC involvement, it was inevitable that we would create our own decoder range... and that when we did it, we would make them "modeller friendly" so they worked every time, with no fuss, and performed first time, every time, when installed.

We also make them to the standards, so they work with every brand of DCC system and have all of the features that the standards require. - Plus many more for those who wish to be adventurous in use, set-up or lighting functions.

We don't think that digital should mean complication for the average modeller, so we made our back EMF self-adjusting so you don't have to worry about it and rather than make them the standard large sizes of other brands, we make them small and easy to install in locomotives from Z to Gauge 1!

Overall, DCCconcepts decoder reliability is so good that our warranty approach can be very relaxed, allowing us to be extremely generous to modellers whose skills sometimes let them down and create a problem.

The DCCconcepts Standard Decoder Range:

This range has evolved and been simplified to give you a choice of easy-to-use decoders for OO, HO and On30 modellers. In all cases, they are equipped with NEM652 8-pin plugs and are packed with our original stay alive. Prices are exceptional.

They are available in both single and 5-packs. This range is of conventional design, reliable, small enough to fit in many OO/HO locomotives and at current promotional prices, they offer exceptionally good value.

This range also includes the the exceptional CL decoder - A 4 function "function decoder" for lighting. The DCCconcepts CL decoder is the world's only "fully readable function decoder".

(The CL really is unique. Where other brands all need you to attach a temporary dummy load so your controller can read their CVs, the CL can be read in and out of the installation at any time - and as anyone who does complex multi-decoder installations knows... this is a HUGE advantage!)

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