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DCC Train Automation Demo Layout Build.

      DCC Train Automation Demo Layout Build.

At the start of 2017 i decided i want to build a new demo layout. There were a number of things this layout need to achieve. 

  1. Computer Control with iTrain
  2. Run DC and DCC trains
  3. Night and day lighting
  4. Light weight construction and easier set up by one person. 
  5. Able to show different types of point control. e.g.. servo, Cobalt and slow motion point motor.
  6. Lighting effects in in buildings and around the layout.
  7. Moment of locos,
  8. Turn Table control manual and Automation.

These are just a few things and sure as we develop the project more ideas will come in to me head.

We will be updating our Facebook page as we build the layout so you can follow the process there. CLICK HERE to follow.

The System we are going to be using is Dinamo from VPEB. All control and accessories will be control by there products. For the drivng of the train TM44 and the driving of all devices on the layout the OC32NG.

The Night and Day lighting we will use LS Digital DMX control unit. We can program the lighting effects to what ever we want and i do have a few supplies up my sleeve.

If you have any question on what we are doing either messages us through Facebook or email us at

I will try and keep this page updated with picture and a few videos of the progress but most will be on our Facebook page.











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