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Model:  UCCIE
Part Number:  UCCI/E
Manufacturer:  VPEB



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  • UCCI / E: Full version with all the functions and interfaces. This module can be used as an independent control unit and a slave unit.

The UCCI controller is designed for the control of cars according to the Dinamo / MCC protocol. UCCI stands for  U SB  C ar  C ontrol  Interface. You can pronounce it as "ukkie". The current version is called UCCI / E. The / E stands for "economy", which means that this version is much more energy efficient than its predecessor.


UCCI / E offers the following features:

  • Communication with a control computer via RS232 or USB according to the Dinamo 3.1 Protocol;
  • Communication with a  RM-U (P & P) controller via RS485;
  • Managing MCC 2 transmission loops. A transmission loop is sufficient for at least 20 meters path length;
  • The reliable reading of up to 128 feedbacks, typically in the form of reed contacts. To reduce the wiring contacts are  multiplexed connected;
  • Serial control up to 16  OC32 modules for up to 512 additional outputs for switches, traffic lights and other accessories.

UCCI/E  Central controller or slave-unit

UCCI / E can be used as a central controller for controlling the cars in the miniature world. The module is then connected directly to a PC with a suitable control via an RS232 or USB connection. UCCI / E then controls the vehicle and reads the position reports into. Furthermore sends UCCI / E up to 16 OC32 controller via RS485 or RS232, this to control eg lights and "bills." 
In this way is used UCCI / E full central digital control car.

If the miniature world is or becomes too large to be used for a solution with a single UCCI / E can UCCI / E as a slave controller. Up to 16 UCCI can be included in a Dinamo system by linking them to a central RM-U controller. The coupling with the RM-U is in this case, RS485.The control of OC32 controllers no longer done by UCCI / E on the RM-U. This solution is suitable for the control of a street map up to about 650 meter path length.


  UCCI/E manual v1.0 pdficon.gif boek.gif
  UCCI manual v1.0 pdficon.gif boek.gif


  MCCdec02 manual v2.0 pdficon.gif boek.gif
  MCCdec03 summary pdficon.gif
 (Dutch)  Description of digitizing an ambulance. 
 Note: not intended for beginners 


 (Dutch)  SWdec handleiding v1.0 pdficon.gif boek.gif

Configuration Software

  jDinamoCC (external link) tools.jpg

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