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Analog or digital ... or both

Many model train hobbyists are (ever) started an analog track job. As long as the size is limited and there are only a few trains while driving is to do that well. But railroading virus strikes and the desire arises to run several trains, to protect the train service and possibly (wholly or partially) automated. The idea is that it is only through the good thing to build a digital system in which locomotives are equipped with decoders.

The choice is often difficult. There are too many reasons not to your locs (all) with decoders, but on the other hand, what if you do want better control your model railroad and now imagine that you see that one locomotive in the display case that you have always wanted, with bells and whistles and so ...  with  decoder. Then what?


Dinamo solves this dilemma for you. This gives you: the  unique  freedom to digital and analog locomotives on one track by having another ride and be in any ratio from 100% to 100% analog digital. Driveability, and control capabilities of your analog material does hardly inferior to digital and the capabilities of your digitized material are optimally used.

Dinamo is a system that allows the miniature world can be controlled. "Model Railroad" would be too narrow a conception here, because Dinamo also driving cars. Dinamo responsible for controlling including trains, cars, switches, signals and traffic and detects events on "the job". Dinamo directly supplying all types of input and output signals that you reasonably need for controlling an entire miniature world.

DINAMO  stands for  D igital  I nterface  N etwork for  A naloge  MO delbanen. The term "analogue" herein is from the history, because in addition to the original concept anloge supports Dinamo nowadays digital material. The term "Network Interface" indicates that Dinamo consists of several modules that can be combined as needed for a complete system. Dinamo thus grows with your modeling hobby. Over the years, Dinamo developed into a versatile system while the original principles still apply.


Dinamo is unable to imagine what the vehicle should do exactly and what should adopt positions switches and signals at any time. In order to achieve this, a computer (PC) necessary with appropriate control software. This does not mean that there is only automatically can be driven: The appeal of such a setup is correct that the computer takes over a major part of the security tasks of the hobbyist (or driver) that can then target your heart's content on the real operation. The demands on the computer are made mainly depend on the software used and some of the size and complexity of the world in miniature, but in most cases a last minute of the destruction rescued Pentium III (Pentium I and II models are almost nowhere to be found), so costs are for that matter for serious model railroaders not a decisive argument.

Analog and digital trains

For the control of trains in a miniature world, you can use several methods. For a more detailed explanation you can use the page Background Train Control  view. Dinamo is a  block oriented  system. This means that the track is electrically divided into small sections in such a way, that each train independently of all the other trains can be controlled. The beauty of this design is that you can control both analog and digital trains in this way and that the difference in behavior between analog and digital material will fade considerably. Where analog locs drive is provided the railway with a suitable control for the trains, where digital locomotives ride Dinamo generates the digital signals to the decoders proper instructions. The analog / digital control is a section Dinamic adjusted according to the trains moving on the track. The only restriction is that within one block alone analog or digital material may be located and no combination thereof. Simply put: you can (only) a multi traction drive with an analog + digital locomotive on the same train.


Besides trains Dinamo can also drive cars under the  Dinamo / MCC  protocol. The Cars are equipped with a digital decoder. This decoder controls the motor and other vehicle functions and receives (wireless) commands that are generated by Dinamo. Also, Dinamo takes care of the detection of passage of automobiles, so that the PC can follow the correct traffic movements.


Accessories are controlled directly by Dinamo. This means that you normally next Dinamo parts no additional decoders or signal decoders need. Although the control is carried out directly to the set-up is such that wiring is minimized. For example, you have 32 switches no need for wires 64, but only 16. Both regarding the necessary electronics as well as on the required wiring Dinamo is, in general, an economical solution.

Boundary conditions

Dinamo is suitable for all brands and all scales  2-rail  (in the vernacular: DC). Wherever you want to use decoders in the locomotives should be able to understand the DCC protocol. However, the trays 0 and 1 sometimes ask much electrical power kindling some restrictions may apply.  For the record: Dinamo is NOT suitable for Märklin H0 (third rail)

If you are considering with Dinamo to start is wise to set up your track already take this into account, because you need to make the separations between blocks and sections. How exactly these separations are somewhat dependent on the operating software you're using, but on this page you can find some of the first clues. Would you like to apply DINAMO an existing job then it might be a little more work to commit the required measures, but even if the whole thing is completely glued it to do very well.

Starting with Dinamo

Dinamo was originally a self-building system and for those who have sufficient affinity with electronics remains an attractive and economical way to achieve control. Furthermore DIY offers the greatest choice and flexibility.

For hobbyists who have less affinity with electronics Dinamo from 2013 available as an easy for anyone to put together "plug and play"system. In this new concept all parts supplied ready and the modules can be placed where they are needed: in "the job". This means that there are no units with equipment is required and that the cabling is minimized.

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