Fleischmann Roco

Z21 Plug & Play system

The model train control Z21 is a development of the innovative leaders Fleischmann and Roco. The aim is to offer a simple and previously unprecedented way all modellers, more joy and freedom when playing, controlling and managing your models and equipment.


Z21 is a complete plug and play system and consists of: 

  • From the Control Center (available in two versions with Fleischmann and Roco) 
  • the Z21 App for controlling all system components (available as a free download) 
  • the continuously expanded number of cab apps (available as downloads)

Z21 is designed for 

  • Android and Apple systems (tablet, smartphone) 
  • digital AC and DC locomotives

How it works:

The Z21 Control Center connects via Wi-Fi your model railway layout and your digital locomotives with your smartphone or tablet and the installed Z21 App. So you can control the operation on your layout easily and conveniently from any Android or Apple smartphone or tablet from, with the Z21 App either via the base control or any of the detailed driver's cabs.



With the Z21-app control and manage your entire system via an intuitive, graphical touch interface. The app invites you simply downloaded free from Google Play or the App Store.



Driving cabs for the tablet: on your tablet, you can also control your locos via photorealistic driver's cabs. They also are available for downloading.

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Roco 10820 Digital control center Z21

Roco 10820 Digital control center Z21£359.95   £295.95

Roco 10820 Roco Z21 Digital Center

Roco 10807 Z21 2 x 3A Dual Booster

Roco 10807 Z21 2 x 3A Dual Booster£210.00   £189.00

z21 white edition

z21 white edition£155.00

Roco 10806 Z21 3A Booster

Roco 10806 Z21 3A Booster£135.00   £122.00

Roco 10810 Multimaus Digital Controller

Roco 10810 Multimaus Digital Controller£134.95   £121.45

Roco 10808 Z21 Detector

Roco 10808 Z21 Detector£105.00   £90.00

Roco 10813 WiFi Multimaus

Roco 10813 WiFi Multimaus£99.95   £89.89

Roco 10805 z21 Light 3A Booster

Roco 10805 z21 Light 3A Booster£89.00   £80.00

Roco 10775 - 8-fold turnout decoder DCC

Roco 10775 - 8-fold turnout decoder DCC£78.00   £70.00

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