Lighting board BL-P V5

Lighting board BL-P V5

One of the key elements for an authentic operating your layout is, inter alia, the lighting of the cart.

For this reason we have developed a special board, which is now more in its fifth version on the market.



The BL-P V5





The lighting board BL-P V5 is characterized by the use of highly efficient LEDs in model-driven colors.

On the board there are ten LEDs, which are optionally available in four colors. 

You can choose between Sunny White, Golden White, Super Golden White and Cool White. 

This allows you a perfect and individually tailored to your needs lighting of your car.





The BL-P V5 can be divided on the dotted lines so that they can be installed even in small cars.

The cut parts can still be used, but we have terminal markings mounted on the board.



On the back of the BL-P V5 are at the beginning and end of the board other connector markings.

These are there to save you by means of the applied conductor tracks, drag the cumbersome cables.

The maximum load is at one amp.



Some benefits include:

  • Power consumption is less than fifteen milliamperes (15mA)
  • hardly measurable heat generation
  • Brightness can be controlled through the integrated potentiometer
  • Available in four different colors
  • Sunny White, Cool White, Golden White, Super Golden White
  • Possible to separate at 89mm, 101mm, 140mm, 154mm, 191mm, 203mm


Technical specifications:

  • ten LEDs on the Paltine
  • Operating voltage 5-22 volts AC, DC or digital
  • Power consumption below 15 milliamps
  • Maximum current continuation on the back of 1 ampere
  • Dimensions: 237mm * 10mm * 2mm
  • Optional Elko 100uF to 330μF / 35V 
    (not included) 


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