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A miniature world is incomplete without cars, preferably moving around. There are some manufacturers that offer solutions for this, for instance Faller® with the Faller Car System® 
Unfortunately in most cases, cars have no lights, graze around corners at incredible speed without blinkers and brake in such a way that the virtual passengers are launched from their seats. This can be done better!

Dinamo/MCC is a system to control speed, lights and other functions of model cars in a very realistic way. With Dinamo/MCC every car is equipped with an addressable decoder. The decoder controls motor, lights and other functions of the car. The cars are under full command of a PC, which receives position-feedbacks from the road and uses that information to guide the cars.

How it works

Steering the cars is done indentically to the "standard" solution: with FCS by a steel-wire in the road-surface which is followed by a small magnet in the car's steering mechanism. In stead of steel wire, one can also use magnetic strip in the road surface.
Since cars have (rubber) tires, there is no electrical contact between road and car. This has two consequences: The car needs to take it's own "fuel", usually being a rechargable battery. Also there is no way to communicate with the car through "wires", so communication has to be wireless.

The road

A transmission system is added to the road. It’s just below the surface and thus invisible. The system is very easy and cheap to make yourself: it consists of a set of copper wires along the road. You can route two small gutters, lay the wires and use a filler to finish it. Or if the road surface is very thin you can stick the wires just under the surface.
The signal transmitted by the road is not limited to one place, it is generated on the entire length of the road, so it can be received anytime and an any place over the road-surface. Since Dinamo/MCC does not work with infrared it is insusceptible to infrared interference such as unfiltered sunlight or remote controls and it is not influenced by limited lines of sight.
The road is also fitted with detectors. If placed in the right spot reed switches are triggered by the steering magnet so the central control system knows where the cars are at every moment in time.

The cars

For digital control only two additional components are needed in every car: the MCC decoder and a receiver coil. The decoder provides all necessary functions for digital control. It is small enough to fit in a H0 passenger car and N-scale trucks an buses.

Some features:

Addressable by 4095 different addresses
Integrated cruise control with a PID regulator, this enables the car to drive slowly.
Smooth acceleration and braking with multiple profiles
Controlling head-lights, blinkers, brakes and tail lights
Emergency stop if the decoder looses the control signals


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