Sound Modules


Bring your landscape to life by enriching it with sound!


Let birds sing, frogs croak, woods rustle, streams gurgle, cows moo, lawnmowers mow, cyclists ring, factories make noise, churchbells bell, organs play, station announcers announce trains, etc. Let your imagination run wild and bring your carefully crafted scenes to life with an appropriate sound decor.


AVT Products introduces affordable sound modules that must be provided with sound by the user. As often as he wants. Loading the desired audio in MP3 format from a computer is extremely simple. The modules are operated by a push button and/or DCC signal and are supplied complete with push button, USB cable, power supply and speaker.


The 100 series modules are limited to 1 sound per unit. By means of command buttons you choose to play the sound with start/stop or continuous and the volume is adjustable.

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Page 1 of 1:    3 Items
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