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Uhlenbrock 76560 PluX 22 Decoder, Multi, regulation, Railcom

Uhlenbrock 76560 PluX 22 Decoder, Multi, regulation, Railcom
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Model:  76560
Part Number:  76560
Manufacturer:  Uhlenbrock



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Uhlenbrock 76560 PluX 22 Decoder, Multi, regulation, Railcom

The digital decoder is the brain of your locomotive. It determines the driving characteristics and switching options. An unfavorable selected decoder can spoil the joy of the vehicle you quickly.IntelliDrive decoders are at the highest level of technology and guarantee optimal driving characteristics.

In our extensive program you can find the appropriate decoder for your locomotive.

In DCC mode, the decoder 14, 27, 28 or 128 speed steps can be driven. They are adjustable in the long addresses. This results in an address range of 1-9999.

In Motorola mode, the decoder has an address range from 1-255. With the Märklin stations 6020 and 6021, however, only 80 addresses are reachable.

Programmable are the decoder via Motorola and DCC centers and with all known types of programming. The control of the locomotive motor at decoders with load balancing via a motor voltage with a frequency of 18.75 kHz, which ensures an extremely quiet motor operation.Minimum speed, maximum speed and acceleration deceleration can be set.

The direction dependent light outputs can be dimmed, in some decoders also the special function outputs. An additional switchable shunting allows a very fine speed control at very low speeds.Shunting and start-deceleration can be switched via the function keys on and off.

Item 76560 PluX 22 Decoder, Multi, regulation, Railcom

Suitable for:

  • Gauge: H0
  • Data format: DCC / Mot.
  • Motor type: DC coreless
  • Analog mode: = / ~
  • Connection: PluX 22


  • Continuous load: 1.2A
  • Motor peak current: 2.0 A
  • Light and special functions: 0.4A
  • Light outputs dimmable: yes
  • Additional special function outputs: 7
  • Timed special function outputs: yes
  • Mapping Function: yes
  • SUSI sound interface: via interface 1 *)
  • LISSY output: via interface 1 *)


  • Addresses DCC / Motorola: 9999/255 2 *)
  • Speed ​​steps DCC / Motorola: 128/14
  • Load regulation: yes
  • Programmable motor characteristic: yes
  • Shunting: yes
  • Start-deceleration: yes
  • Zugseitig switchable illumination: yes
  • RailCom: yes
  • Motor Frequency: High
  • Short circuit protected: yes
  • Updateable Flash Memory: yes
  • Fault memory: no
  • Size in mm 22 x 15 x 3,8 * 3)



1 *) and SUSI LISSY are operating alternately 
2 *) With the Märklin stations 6020 and 6021 only 80 addresses are within 
3 *) Dimensions without connector pins


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