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Workshops and Training Courses

In addition to  providing products we also have a range of courses to suite all levels. Weather it the basic wiring up of a DCC layout to full computer control.  Also you can come and learn about specific products to get the most out of them.  The courses range from all day to a few hours depending on there level.



This workshop is intended for those who  will be driving there model railway with iTrain. You must have knowledge of digital systems, for example, gained during the workshop Introduction to digital layout control, Dinamo Basic or control with Intellibox, Z21, Lenz or ECoS.

iTrain Workshop Click here.

Dinamo MCC Digital Car.

The MCC Digital Car workshop will teach you how two set up a Car and get it driving using iTrain / iCar. The basics of the software settings to enable you to run cars with in iCar.

iCar Workshop Click here.



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