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Z21 Information

Play control, and manage in a new dimension!

With the revolutionary Z21 model train control experience maximum driving pleasure and supreme model fidelity. You control your entire system and all locomotives and wagons with your smartphone and tablet PC, also about photorealistic driver's cabs of the original locomotives.

As a world first experience in the future ride through your system from the perspective of a real train driver.Lokkameras playing live a ride on the tablet cab.

You will not care about anything! With simple taps on the touch screen to control all the digital components. Speed, sound, signal functions of the locos as well as routes, movement and sound of the system. These Z21 makes the application, the allocation of functions unique easy.

Ideal for beginners as well as for transfers. Z21 is available for digital operator. The transfer is easy because with Z21 Multimaus and Lokmaus 2 controllers is compatible. For beginners there are z21 in a version for starter kits with limited connection and configuration options. In both cases: Plug & Play.  

Made transfer of digital plant operator simply

The Z21 version for experts (black box) makes it easy to switch to Z21 easy:

  • It is fully backward compatible to all multiMAUS-models and for Lokmaus 2 and comes standard with three multiMAUS ports. So the whole family can play!
  • Your locomotives are automatically recognized and report their status via RailCom © to the Z21. So you can maintain large fleets with minimal effort - and get current status of messages in the control-Apps.
  • Software and sound of the ZIMO sound decoder can be conveniently updated using your smartphone with the Z21. So your digital locomotives are always on the cutting edge.
  • The Z21 supports a variety of standard interfaces and connection options - ideal if you want to expand your system continuously or add new features.
  • Includes: WiFi router, powerful switching power supply

The Z21 version for beginners (white box, small z at z21) has the same features as the Z21 for experts only made ​​minor connection and configuration limitations. To account for LocoNet, CAN bus, an X-Bus connector, the Sniffer-Bus, which is a decoder for updates Zimodecoder and the programming track and the track tension adjustment.

Simply build and depart with your smartphone or tablet - to a fascinating hobby and a unique new driving experience with Z21.

The z21 starter kits are available in the e-store of Fleischmann and Roco and in good specialist shops.


Taxes on drivers' cabs: the tablet, you can control your locos over photorealistic driver's cabs and running on the touch screen that handles like a real engineer.



Unique driving experience on Lokkameras: first presented at the International Toy Fair Nuremberg 2013! Invisible in the models integrated Lokkameras the ride will import through your system live on the tablet cab.The driving experience from the drivers perspective is the first time reality.



Easy management and operation: All locomotives, turnouts and digital functions manage and operate through self-explanatory function icons.Complicated shortcuts are past.

All locomotives - and more - at a glance. Load a library of all your locomotives, wagons and trains - with a photo of the model and a lot of room for information on the Originalloks and your models (when purchased, serviced, etc.). On your smartphone or tablet PC so you have all your investment information at all times.

Very simple functional assignments: Previously-consuming work (interlocking, functional mapping, CV-programming) are now uniquely simple and executed without technical knowledge with a few clicks on the smartphone / tablet.


Model Train Fascinating discoveries together! Several tablets and smartphones can be connected and coordinated through the Control Center. So allows Z21 genuine common games and exciting competitions (are special highscore games to being drafted).


Future-proof! Z21 is designed so that upgrades to further increase in the function available as downloads, and thus are easy to integrate. The hardware remains your smartphone and / or tablet. This makes expensive accessories in upgrades a redundant once and for all. They are equipped with a minimum of effort is always up to date.

Z21 Plug & Play system

The model train control Z21 is a development of the innovative leaders Fleischmann and Roco. The aim is to offer a simple and previously unprecedented way all modellers, more joy and freedom when playing, controlling and managing your models and equipment.


Z21 is a complete plug and play system and consists of: 

  • From the Control Center (available in two versions with Fleischmann and Roco) 
  • the Z21 App for controlling all system components (available as a free download) 
  • the continuously expanded number of cab apps (available as downloads)

Z21 is designed for 

  • Android and Apple systems (tablet, smartphone) 
  • digital AC and DC locomotives

How it works:

The Z21 Control Center connects via Wi-Fi your model railway layout and your digital locomotives with your smartphone or tablet and the installed Z21 App. So you can control the operation on your layout easily and conveniently from any Android or Apple smartphone or tablet from, with the Z21 App either via the base control or any of the detailed driver's cabs.



With the Z21-app control and manage your entire system via an intuitive, graphical touch interface. The app invites you simply downloaded free from Google Play or the App Store.



Driving cabs for the tablet: on your tablet, you can also control your locos via photorealistic driver's cabs. They also are available for downloading.


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