Train Tech SS9T Modern 3 Col Multi Aspect Sensor Signal with Theatre Indicator

Train Tech SS9T Modern 3 Col Multi Aspect Sensor Signal with Theatre Indicator

Train Tech SS9T Modern 3 colour Multi Aspect Sensor signal with with Theatre Indicator

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Train Tech SS9T 3 Aspect Modern Distant sensor signal with Single Lens Multi Colour Red/Yellow/Green LED with Theatre Indicator.

Modern Railways have multi aspect Signals. These can display Red Yellow or Green through one lens.

The Theatre indicator can be by a Mimic switch or a DCC accessory address. It can display one user defined number, letter or character that can be easily made on the 5x5 matrix by masking unwanted holes. (Please Note the theatre can only be switched on & off, not changed to show multiple characters)

Left and Right Hand feathers are also available.

Sensor Signals Fully Assembled Automatic Signalling- You can now add automatic signalling to your layout in seconds with Train Tech Sensor Signals.

Signals with built in Sensors which operate automatically on their own. Can be linked to other Sensor Signals or Mimic Switches using a single wire. On DCC they slide into the track like a power clip or they can be wired to work on analogue DC* or digital DCC.

Sensor Signals work exactly like the real railway signals automatically turn Red when a train enters a block section to prevent other trains from entering the same block and preceding signals change accordingly.

A sensor is built into every signal so there is no wiring or extra circuit board. Just clip the signal into your track or wire for fully automatic 2, 3, or 4 aspect signalling which works just like the real railway.

Quick and easy installation- everything is built into the signal.

Signal Senses the train and changes until the train is safely past.

Feathers or Theatre indicators can be controlled by DCC or Mimic switch, and if points are controlled by DCC can be made to light automatically by giving them the same address.

Realistic lights fade between changes.

Can Link through socket to Mimic light using a single wire to show occupancy & position on a control panel (see Mimic Switches)

Links to other Sensor Signals with a single wire for fully automatic Block Signalling.

Fully built and ready to use signal, with all the electronics including sensor built into the signal base No other circuits or wires needed.

Automatic Function can be over ridden by either a Mimic Switch or DCC Command

On Digital DCC Just slide in or wire straight to the track for automatic or DCC control. On Analogue DC* - Just wire to a regular 12-16v DC supply.

Assembled and tested and comes complete with a detailing kit; including ladder, handrail, phone, etc.

Fully Assembled DCC LED Signals and Signal Kits also available.

To use with Analogue DC it is recommended the fingers are removed and the signals are wired to a separate 12V supply. This will enable continuous operation.

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