Bachmann 32-002A GWR 'Hall' 4971 'Stanway Hall' BR Lined Black (E-Emblem) [W]

Bachmann 32-002A GWR 'Hall' 4971 'Stanway Hall' BR Lined Black (E-Emblem) [W]

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Bachmann 32-002A GWR 'Hall' 4971 'Stanway Hall' BR Lined Black (E-Emblem) [W]

Hall Class 4971 Stanway Hall BR Black E/Emblem – Weathered


Built: 1928 – 1943

Built for: GWR

Designed by: Charles B. Collett

Duties: mixed traffic

Wheels: 4-6-0



• Fully detailed and decorated cab interior 

• Sprung buffers

• Etched name and number plates



The Great Western Railway Hall Class is a class of 4-6-0 mixed traffic steam locomotives designed by Charles Collett. In 1924, C.B. Collett modified No. 2925 ‘Saint Martin’, Churchward’s design of the 4-6-0 ‘Saint’ Class. The alterations to No. 2925 included the fitting of 6’ 0” diameter driving wheels, re-alignment of the cylinders and fitting a modern ‘Castle’ Class cab. Further changes took place before the new ‘Hall’ Class began construction. The boiler pitch was modified and outside steam pipes were fitted.


The Hall Class locomotives were numbered 4900-99, 5900-99 and 6900-58. F.W. Hawksworth, Collett’s successor, created a modified version in 1941 known as the Modified Hall Class and it remained in production until 1950. Modified Halls were numbered 6959-6999 and 7900-7929. After nationalization in 1948, British Railways gave them the power classification 5MT. Eleven Halls have survived to preservation.



Scale:  OO
Locomotive Type:  Steam Locomotive
Sound Fitted:  DCC Ready

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