Blue light module MB2 Car System Fire Brigade Police

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An everyday situation for the police and fire brigade: alarm! The emergency vehicles immediately make their way to the scene of the accident, flashing lights and the Martinshorn are activated. When the destination arrives, the scene of the accident is secured: hazard warning lights draw attention and work lights on the roof illuminate the scene of the accident. Since even the most difficult application comes to an end at some point, all lighting options will soon be deactivated in order. Now only the journey home to the guard follows. Mission ended!

The MB2 module also makes such scenarios possible for Car System vehicles. Installed in a model, the board works like a brain in the vehicle: all components such as the motor, reed contact, loudspeaker and of course the lighting are connected to the module, with a microprocessor on the board regulating the program sequences.

In addition to automatic operations with sound support, smaller details were also implemented. When stopping at a stop, the taillights briefly light up brightly and work as a brake light. The vehicle then accelerates slowly to maximum speed. Even the afterglow when the hazard lights are switched off is simulated by quickly dimming the LEDs!

With two small magnets under the pavement, the module is able to start emergency trips, to stop them prematurely or to switch the hazard warning lights and work lights on arrival at an accident site. A small but intelligent magnetic field sensor is included to detect the magnets. This sensor can not only detect magnetic fields, but also knows to differentiate between their polarity (north or south). One of the magnetic poles is used to start the blue light and sound generation or to switch it off again when it is run over again ( false alarm) with the other pole simulating the stop at the place of use: The vehicle stops and switches on the hazard warning lights and the work lights to secure the accident site. After an adjustable period of time, all the lights go out and the vehicle slowly starts moving again. Mission ended!

No stop points or control units need to be installed. The two magnets supplied are sufficient for realistic operational trips.

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