ESU Class 25 (Legomanbiffo) Sound

ESU Class 25 (Legomanbiffo) Sound

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Product Code:  25-ESU-V5-8
Brand:  ESU
Zimo LS18x13x13 Loudspeaker  8Ohm 1 wattZimo LS18x13x13 Loudspeaker 8Ohm 1 watt

ESU Class 25 (Legomanbiffo)

Function Key Layout for ESU/LOKSOUND V5 Sound Decoders.

F0 Lights

F1 Sound on / off

F2 Playable high horn

F3 Playable low horn

F4 Buffer clash (when moving slowly) / Coupling hook (when stationary)

F5 Brake application (when moving) / Brake dump (when stationary)

F6 Driver's door slam

F7 Compressor (single or double, see below)

F8 Drive Hold (DriveLock)

F9 Automatic variable speed flange squeal

F10 Despatch whistle

F11 Not Used

F12 Roof fan

F13 Sanders

F14 Vacuum exhauster

F15 Spirax Valves

F16 Selects ETHEL mode (When used as a  train heating loco)

F17 Not Used

F18 Detonators (A speed-dependant ‘three bang stop’)

F19 Aux 1 (for cab lights etc)

F20 Aux 2 (for cab lights etc)

F21 Not Used

F22 Battery isolator switch prior to start-up


Factory default is for a single compressor (as in vacuum braked only locos, or dual-braked locos when in vacuum brake mode) (CV48 set to 0). To change to double compressor (dual-braked locos when in air mode), change CV48 to 1.


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