cT Electronics DCX33D Function Decoder

cT Electronics DCX33D Function Decoder

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Function decoder for supplementing in vehicles, switching module in illuminated car. Control cars are an ideal location, as the DCX33 also supports F0 with direction changes.

  • Fully NMRA compatible (DCC data format)
  • Full "function mapping" according to NMRA arrangement
  • Function outputs separately dimmable
  • Dimming frequency 1.2 kHz
  • Direct connection of light-emitting diodes without series resistors and additional circuit possible
  • Clutch control, time control or duration possible because high frequency
  • Full address space 1-10240
  • Evaluation of the chain impulses
  • 4 unamplified outputs (solder pad)
  • 4 amplified function outputs for lighting effects such as flashing, dimming, soft start,
  • American lighting effects, clutch automatic etc.
  • 1A total current
  • Programming on the fly
  • Hard reset, user CV's
  • Fully programmable with Roco Lokmaus 2 (also values ​​up to 255)
  • Short-circuit proof outputs
  • 2 CVs groups freely selectable (for own or foreign applications)
  • Adjustable short-circuit current threshold
  • Fully programmable (read and write)

The DCX33 is fully NMRA compatible and can therefore be used with all systems that use the NMRA-DCC data format (eg Digitrax, Lenz, LGB, Uhlenbrock, Zimo, Roco 'digital is cool', etc.)

Function Outputs:  4

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