DCC Hex Frog Juicer

DCC Hex Frog Juicer

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Product Code:  HFJ003U
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DCC Hex Frog JuicerFor DCC systems 2 Amps to 8 Amps including NCE PowerCab. This board can be configured to use as an automatic polarity reverser for six frogs, or a reverser for one to three reversing loops, turntables, wyes, or crossings. Setup is simple, connect the input to the DCC track bus, and connect the output wires either to six frogs or rails. Two jumper controls whether the two, four or six outputs act as pairs (i.e. an auto-reverser) or independently (i.e. a pair of frog juicer). Should not be used with boosters over 10 Amps. See the Dual Frog Juicer for 10 Amp boosters.The example diagram below shows the wiring arrangement for a live frog double crossover.

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