Digikeijs DR5039 LocoNet-B to CDE

Digikeijs DR5039 LocoNet-B to CDE

Digikeijs DR5039 LN-CDE

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Product Code:  DR5039
Brand:  Digikeijs
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DR5039 LocoNet-B to CDE The DR5039 is a universal adapter to connect so-called CDE boosters to central-units with a LocoNet-B output. The DR5039 has 4 different connectivity options for CDE boosters. Each of the 4 connections is fitted with its own short-circuit monitoring and notification. The DR5039 can be set-up, in a number of ways through LocoNet CV (LNCV). The settings control how the DR5039 reports any short circuits to the central. In case of a short circuit, a GP-OFF is sent to the LocoNet by default. When using a DR5000, the DR5000 indicates which of the 4 CDE connections has caused the short circuit. The DR5039 itself also indicates which of the CDE connections has caused a short circuit by means of a LED indicator. The DR5000 also features an indicator that signals the presence of a RailSync signal on the LocoNet-B input. With the DR5039 you can now also connect CDE-compatible boosters to your DR5000. The DR5039 is also suitable for all non-Digikeijs centrals that have a LocoNet-B connection, for example Digitrax centrals, making it possible to use CDE boosters. Any RailComŒ¬ signal present on the LocoNet-B input, is transparently transmitted to the CDE connections.

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