Digikeijs DR5052 Basic TurnTable Control

Digikeijs DR5052 Basic TurnTable Control

Our Price:  £99.12 (VAT incl.)
Product Code:  DR5052
Brand:  Digikeijs
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DR5052 Product Features:


- All Fleischmann turntables

- Both the 'stupid' and the 'smart' (C-type)

- The Maerklin turntable manufactured by Fleischmann

- The Roco TT turntable

- Motor speed adjustable (20KHz, also supports the SB Modellbau update-drive)

- DPDT relay integrated for polarity change while turning, every exit can have its own polarity

- RailCom occupancy and address detectors on the bridge

- manually controllable, step-left, step-right, 180 turn (3-button operation)

- controllable by DCC

- controllable by LocoNet

- Fleischmann control protocol

- Maerklin control protocol

- Full graphical configuration and operating program for the PC

- USB interface for configuration, operating and firmware updates

And that all WITHOUT modifications to the turntable or bridge itsself !!

Available Extension sets:

DR5052-BASIC Set contents: DR5052, USB cable, LocoNet cable 3m

DR5052-EXT Set contents: DR4088-OPTO, DR4188-DC adapter for posi3on feedback, 1m STP cable

(Required for the Basic-Plus and Pro versions. Note the number of rail sidings! )

DR5052-R Set contents: DR5052-ROCO adapter, 25 cm STP cable

(Required for opera3ng a RocoŒ¬ H0, TT turntable)

DR5052-M Set contents: DR5052-MARKLIN adapter, 25 cm STP cable

(Required for the opera3on of a Mí_rklinŒ¬ H0 turntable)

DR5052-PRO Set contents: DR5052-PRO Adapter, DR5052-PLuX

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