Dinamo RM-C/1 Plug & Play interace

Dinamo RM-C/1 Plug & Play interace

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Dinamo RM-C/1 computer interface.

The RM-C/1 is the hub of the Dinamo system connection to the PC and the other Dinamo items. All the TM44 and OC32NG are not all connected up through CAT5 cables back to the RM-C/1.

ŒęProperties of the RM-C:

Compact design

  • Only USB connection to the PC
  • Only RS485 connection for Dinamo (/ MCC) modules
  • RS485 connection with RJ45 and 3-pole connector, can be used as desired
  • Galvanic separation between USB and RS485 bus
  • Delivered as standard in housing
  • Dimensions 63mm x 65mm x 22mm incl housing

The RM-C runs firmware with the same source code as the RM-U. This means that RM-C and RM-U are completely parallel in development and that new functions that will be available on the RM-C are also available to owners of the RM-U and RM-U P & P.

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