ESU 31256 Diesel loco, 265 310, MRCE, black, Era VI, Sound+Smoke, DC/AC

ESU 31256 Diesel loco, 265 310, MRCE, black, Era VI, Sound+Smoke, DC/AC

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ESU 31256 Diesel loco, 265 310, MRCE, black, Era VI, Sound+Smoke, DC/AC.The Voith Turbo Lokomotivtechnik GmbH & Co KG developed the class 260/261, which replaced many locomotives of the V60 and V90 families since 2010. The 130 units of class 261, known as the Voith GravitaŒ¬ actually met the expectations of the DB, however, the DB wanted to have locomotives with greater tractive force and an extended range for hauling heavy trains. In order to meet these requirements, Voith developed the 1.4 m longer class 261. The longer locomotive frame bears the tank that had been enlarged to 5000 l and the 12-cylinder diesel engine 12 V 4000 R43 by MTU. With its starting tractive effort of 272 kN, the class 265 is far superior to the older types of class 290-295 and 225. The locomotives reach a top speed of 50 km/h in shunting mode while their maximum speed in main line mode is 100 km/h. 31 units of class 265 have been delivered to the DB until 2014. The Hohenzollerische Landesbahn HzL had leased one unit 261 for a longer period of time and then purchased two units of the more powerful class 265 in 2012, which since are employed in heavy freight service as V180 and V181. In 2010 Voith built the 265 500, which is employed as a charter locomotive. Two more units bear the characteristic orange livery of the locomotive hirer Northrail. Metal housing and chassis, plastic cab Open fan grills in the long nose Multi-colour driveräó»s cab with driver Multi-part bogie frames Separately applied grab irons and shunteräó»s steps Coreless motor with two flywheels Drive via Cardan shaft/worm gear to four axles, two traction tires LokSound V4.0 M4 decoder for DCC, MotorolaŒ¬, M4 and Selectrix mode Automatic registration to command stations supporting RailComPlusŒ¬ or mfxŒ¬ functionality PowerPack storage capacitor for uninterrupted power supply Quality speaker with large sound capsule for best possible sound Load dependent smoke generator, synchronised with LokSound Remote controlled digital couplers at both ends with kinematics in NEM shaft Digitalised original sound sequences of a class 265 locomotive with an MTU engine type 12V 4000 R43 Curve sensor for squealing wheels when moving slowly through curves Directional lighting, headlights can be turned off when train is coupled to loco, separately switched shunting lights, cab lighting and illuminated driveräó»s console and prototypical high beam headlights Brake sparks during sharp braking Pipette for refilling smoke generator, two non-magnetic couplers for installation on cars are included Minimum radius = 360 mm Length over buffers = 193.8 mm

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