ESU 97418 LokSound 5 DCC ''blank decoder'', 21MTC NEM6660, gauge: 0, H0

ESU 97418 LokSound 5 DCC "blank decoder", 21MTC NEM6660, gauge: 0, H0

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ESU 97418 LokSound 5 DCC "blank decoder", 21MTC NEM6660, gauge: 0, H0

Technical specifications  
  Operation under DCC with RailComPlus®, M4, Motorola® and Selectrix®
  32 functions switchable (depending on the control center)
  32-bit processor
  Digital class “D” amplifier with up to 3 W power (LokSound 5 XL: 13 W)
  Each channel in 16-bit resolution and 31250 kHz sample rate
  Sound storage with 128 Mbit capacity
  Motor control with 50 kHz clock frequency
  RC servos and Susi modules can be controlled
  3 new, individually adjustable brake controllers
  Two-stage heavy load simulation
  Can be updated with the ESU LokProgrammer
LokSound 5  
  Universal sound decoder for the gauge H0 and gauge 0
  Motor current 1.5 A
  Depending on the interface, up to 12 amplified function outputs for special functions (total: up to 15 outputs)
  10 sound channels can be played simultaneously
  Ex-factory with 11x15 mm “sugar cubes” speakers with adjustable sound capsule set
  PowerPack storage capacitor optionally connectable
  Dimensions: 30 mm x 15.5 mm, height depending on the interface
  8-pin NEM 652
  6-pin NEM 651
Decoder type:  21pin MTC
Motor current, continuous:  1.5A
Function Outputs:  6
Condition:  New

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