ESU Class 450 EMU  Sound Decoder and loaded sound

ESU Class 450 EMU Sound Decoder and loaded sound

Our Price:  £118.50 (VAT incl.)
Product Code:  450-ESU-V5-M8[1]
Brand:  ESU
Zimo LS40X20X09-1WZimo LS40X20X09-1W
Zimo LS55X22X09 LoudspeakerZimo LS55X22X09 Loudspeaker

ESU Class 450 EMU  Sound Decoder and loaded sound

Please select the right decoder for your loco on the left from the drop down.

Class 450
Destination set by CV155 (0-12)
Use F16 for South West Trains
Use F17 for South Western Railway

Key Function Sound slots Volume CVs Volume values
F0 Directional lights
F1 Drive 
F2 Playable high horn 
F3 Playable low horn 
F4 Passenger doors open / close 
F5 Playable brake application (when moving) / Brake dump (when stationary)
F6 Driver's door open / close
F7 Compressor 
F8 Windscreen wipers 
F9 Variable speed flange squeal 
F10 Despatch whistle
F11 Guard to driver right away signal & optional reply
F12 Driver's air conditioning 
F13 Sanders 
F14 Automatic coupling & uncoupling 
F15 Not in use
F16 Selectable South West Trains announcement
F17 Selectable South Western Railways announcement
17 387 128
F18 Speed-dependant detonators 
F19 Cab light switch (Aux 1)
F20 Aux 2
F21 Not in use



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