Fleischmann 739304 SBB Cargo Class 193 Electrical Locomotive,

Fleischmann 739304 SBB Cargo Class 193 Electrical Locomotive,

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Electric locomotive class 193, SBB Cargo International. Epoch VI.

New 2018 design !

Model in true to the original livery and lettering. In-plane applied windows. Metal die-cast chassis. 5-pole motor with flywheel. Drive on four axles and two traction tyres. Interface according to NEM 662 (Next18) to adapt a decoder. Coupler pocket according to NEM 355 standards and close coupler motion link.

White and red LED triple headlights that change with the direction of travel. The headlights can be partially or even entirely switched off with contact plates.


The Siemens Vectron is based on experience gained from the building of around 1900 locomotives of the so-called Eurosprinter family. At the beginning of the 2000ies, Siemens presented the Taurus as a true success story of the international rail transport. A few years later the Vectron followed and was presented as a new milestone in the Siemens locomotive history. The outstanding aerodynamic design, the particularly good crash safety as well as great flexibility characterize the Vectron. The advantage for the customers of the Vectron lies in the countless possibilities of the execution of its technical characteristics. A modular construction system ensures that the most diverse requirements of the respective railway companies can be met. Thus, locomotives are available for various current systems, speeds or train control/command systems. This makes the locomotive also particularly attractive for the larger locomotive rental companies such as the Railpool, the MRCE or the ELL. National railways as well have already implemented the Vectron successfully and are running goods trains from the north to the south. On their routes the trains pass different power systems and various control/command systems. The Vectron does not require any additional locomotive changes.

Locomotive Details:

  • Class: BR193
  • Livery: SBB Cargo
  • Epoch: 6 (2006 Onwards)
  • Wheel Configuration: Bo-Bo
  • Length: 119mm


  • Decoder: Next18 Ready
  • Sound: NA
  • Coupling: NEM
  • Track Supply: 12v DC

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