Fleischmann 742008 - Diesel railcar 642 006-1, DB AG (Westfrankenbahn)

Fleischmann 742008 - Diesel railcar 642 006-1, DB AG (Westfrankenbahn)

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Fleischmann 742008 Diesel Railcar DB 642 006-1 

Diesel railcar 642 006 of the Deutsche Bahn AG (Westfrankenbahn). Model in special "3-Löwen-Takt" livery.

True to original livery and lettering. In-plane applied windows. The furnisded model is equipped ready for the installation of interior lighting.

Close coupling with close coupling motion link on the Jakob Bogie between the vehicles. Coupling dummy on the ends of the vehicles. Adapter with coupling shaft according to NEM 355 standards and PROFI coupler 9545 for multiple traction are attached. 

Prototype: The diesel railcar 642 006 of the Westfrankenbahn is currently the only "Desiro" that is painted with the eye-catching "3-Löwen-Takt" livery. The Westfrankenbahn has been operating as a medium-sized company under the umbrella of the Deutsche Bahn since January 1 2006. It makes 3.3 million train kilometers every year.

Details General data


  • Number of driven axles 2

  • Traction tyres 2

  • Interior lighting Article number 946501

  • Interior fitting Model with interior furnishing

  • Interior fitting Interior lighting can be retrofitted

  • Coupling NEM shaft 355 without close coupling mechanism

  • Minimum radius 192 mm

  • Flywheel yes


  • Motor 3 pole motor

  • Head light Two direction dependent tail lights and dual headlights.

  • Interface Electrical interface for traction units according to NEM 651 standards with plug-in fixture

  • LED head light yes


  • Length over buffer 261 mm

Scale:  N
Epoch:  VI
Railway Company:  DB AG
Locomotive Type:  Railcar

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