Inox MX3 Large 300g by INOX

Inox MX3 Large 300g by INOX

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Inox MX3 Small 100g by INOX


Model Trains & Steam Engines

Use INOX-MX3 needle oiler on model steam engines, pistons, cylinder, shafts and bearings, valves and slides. Use INOX-MX3 for electric train track switching gear, signals, carriage wheels, bushes, electric motors and contacts.

INOX-MX3 can be used for cleaning all these items as well as stopping corrosion and protecting your valuable hobby pieces.

Model Planes, Boats & Cars

Use INOX-MX3 for lubrication and long term protection from moisture and corrosion for model aircraft engines, wheels, all control linkages, (keeps model aircraft and car fuel engines protected in storage), model sailing and motor boat steering gear and rigging, model racing car steering linkages, all remote control gear, wiring, servo-motors, linkages and aerials. Use INOX-MX5 on all wheel and axle bushes. Use INOX-MX6 grease on all transmission gears.

Slot Cars

INOX-MX3 can be used for cleaning and protecting all these items as well.

Use INOX-MX3 needle oiler on all slot car steering linkages, electric motors and track contacts. Use INOX-MX5 on wheel/axle bushes and transmission gears.

Antique Toys

INOX-MX3 can be use for cleaning and protection from corrosion of metal toys, it will not harm metal or painted finishes, keeps them looking like new.

Use INOX-MX5 for all wheels and axles, chains, cables, brake and pedal linkages on pedal cars, tricycles and scooters.

Antique Radios & Clocks

INOX-MX3 gives superior protection to electrical wiring (stops the effect of electrolysis on copper windings), tuning capacitors, loudspeaker assemblies, transformers and chassis from corrosion and moisture on radios and sound systems.

Use INOX-MX3 on all clock mechanisms, keeps them well lubricated and corrrosion and moisture free long term. Keeps chains and weights on grandfather clocks and cuckoo mechanisms corrosion free, clean and looking like new.

Antique radios, clocks, toys, trains, boats, planes, what ever your hobby is, only the fine lubricating and anti-corrosion qualities of INOX products give the best all round protection from corrosion and care for your hobby.

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