Uhlenbrock 65060 Intellibox Basic

Uhlenbrock 65060 Intellibox Basic

Uhlenbrock Intellibox Basic

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Intellibox Basic All in one box The Intellibox Basic is efficient and inexpensive, and therefore the ideal headquarters for model railroaders, go into the digital technology, but already want to have all the important functions of a digitally controlled driving operation. You can simultaneously drive 32 locos and switch up to 2048 points and signals. Various data formats The Intellibox Basic can be used with 2- or 3-wire systems. Locomotive, function, turnout and switch decoder in DCC and Motorola data format from different manufacturers can be operated on a plant. Close to you what they want additional digital components are easily and conveniently via LocoNet, connected to the universal network for the model railway, the Intellibox Basic. With clear display The LCD display with backlight has a clearly structured user interface. For the display in the control panel can be chosen as language German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Danish. Central Unit The Central ensures the coordination of the individual components, processes the incoming data and generates the different digital signals. 128 steps - 9 999 decoder addresses The number of available speed steps and addresses depends on the decoder make. The Intellibox Basic principle supports all ranges and decoder addresses offering the decoder in the respective data format. Two speed controller with the two throttles can simultaneously two locomotives are controlled independently via large, handy knob. The knob without end stop automatically accept the change of locomotive the speed stored by the newly elected locomotives. The throttle can as DC drive devices with center position or as AC transformers are used with Fahrtrichtungsumschalttaste , 10 000 locomotive special functions in DCC mode supports up to 10 Intellibox Basic 000 special functions depending Lok. Yes, you read that right. The functions f0-f12 directly, the other functions are switched on the keyboard by entering the number. LISSY Mode The Intellibox Basic each LISSY / Marco receiver can be monitored. If a locomotive with LISSY transmitter is recognized, in the middle of the Intellibox displays the locomotive address is displayed. DirectDrive press of a button can be accepted on the throttle, without entering the locomotive address or locomotive name, the locomotive that has passed a defined LISSY / Maco receiver. Data format DCC, Motorola Up to 128 speed steps ???? Up to 9 999 decoder addresses ???? Up to 10 000 Special features depending Lok switchable Direct Drive function ???? Points of switches and signals ???? Connections for LocoNet, transformer, track, programming track and DCC booster Integrated 3.5A booster ???? USB computer port ???? Cool Power technology

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