KATO ICE4 DBAG BR412 EMU 7 Car Powered Set VI

KATO ICE4 DBAG BR412 EMU 7 Car Powered Set VI

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KATO ICE4 DBAG BR412 EMU 7 Car Powered Set VI.

The Class 412 ICE 4 is the latest generation of the Intercity Express (ICE) high-speed trains operated by Deutsche Bahn AG. Since 2017, the twelve-part ICE 4 runs on routes between Hamburg - Stuttgart and Hamburg - Munich. From 2019, this new model series will also head for the Rhineland and the Ruhr area. Registration is planned for Austria and Switzerland, and later approval for France, Luxembourg, Italy, Poland and the Czech Republic is planned as an option.

The model is produced from Kato as a 7 car base set and a 5-car add-on set, each with a motorised power car to ensure smooth operation when running as a full 12 car consist.

This pack contains the 7 Car Powered Set. A 5 Car Addon Pack is available for this unit.


  • Detailed exact 1:160 scale replica
  • Motorised Power Car in the 7 Car Powered Set and in the Add On Pack
  • Five-pole engine with flywheel
  • White/Red directional headlights
  • Dual traction via coupling
  • Prepared for digital operation, 1 of Motor Decoder or 1 Motor Decoder Add On Set will be required
  • Prepared for Kato Interior Lighting
  • Smallest drivable radius: 282 mm
Scale:  N
Epoch:  VI
Railway Company:  DBAG
Locomotive Type:  Railcar

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