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Krois model Car-System 7000, 2.4GHz radio central unit for PC and digital centers
Krois model Car-System 7000, 2.4GHz radio central unit for PC and digital centers
Introduction / General:The radio center is the "heart" of the new car system from Krois-Modell. To simplify matters, the task is to manage, monitor and control the radio decoders installed in the vehicles. Control commands can be accepted from (up to two) digital central units via DCC and can also be transmitted via USB from a PC. Through the bidirectional communication between the travel displays and the control center, as well as between the control center and a PC, it is thus possible not only to transmit data and information to the vehicles, but also to read them out from them. By processing this information with a PC, a whole new range of possibilities opens up in the vehicle and drain control system.Functions:Communication with vehicle decodersThe radio center converts the DCC commands from the tracks into radio data packets and sends them to the decoders, depending on the address. Alternatively, it is also possible to transmit commands directly to the control center via the USB interface (and thus also to the vehicles).Monitoring the vehicle functionsAt regular intervals, the status of each vehicle is interrogated and evaluated by the control center. Depending on the events occurring (for example, critical battery status), the corresponding actions can be set from the control center or a control program on the PC.Performing software updatesIf the central unit is connected to a PC (via the USB interface), the software on the control center itself, as well as on the vehicle decoders, can be updated at any time by the user via the (free) configuration software.Vehicle programmingIn addition to "normal" DCC control commands, CV programs can also be evaluated directly from the control center and transmitted to the decoders. In addition, it is also possible to make all settings conveniently via the configuration software and transfer it to a selected vehicle with one click.Confirmation of vehicle positionsThe vehicles can return their own position to the control center by radio (appropriate position modules presupposed); occupancy detectors in the form of reed contacts can thus be omitted.Displays the operating stateA (simplified) information on the operating status can be read directly via the 24 LEDs on the control center itself. This makes a basic function check or error detection possible at any time without any additional software.Control of expansion modulesWith a total of four RJ45 expansion connectors, you can simply retrofit any desired function in the future. An expensive purchase of the hardware is no longer necessary, only the corresponding module has to be connected to the control center and a (possibly outgoing) free software update can be downloaded from the PC.Standalone operationDue to the performance of the built-in processors, it is not absolutely necessary to have the control center connected to a PC at all times - basic procedures and the control of the vehicles via DCC can be coordinated by the hardware at the sole operationSpecifications:Supply:Connector Type: USB Mini-BVoltage: 5VCurrent consumption: <500mAInterfaces:1x USB 2.0 (Hi-Speed)2x DCC input4x RJ45 expansion connectors (software configurable)Radio:Frequency: 2.4GHzRange: around 15m (radius)Controllable vehicles:> 200
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Krois model Car-System 7000, 2.4GHz radio central unit for PC and digital centers

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