Krois Model - N 3-pole NS / 3 live coupling
 Krois Model - N 3-pole NS / 3 live couplingKrois Model - N 3-pole NS / 3 live coupling 

Krois Model - N 3-pole NS / 3 live coupling

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Product Code:  KM-NS3
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he coupling has been redesigned, the coupling distance is reduced by a second locating pin, which the cars drive in N, buffer to buffer.

If the coupling on both carriages is shortened, the radius of the track should not be less than 295.4 mm (Fleischmann 22224), but that is the case, but only one coupling should be shortened.

With our current-carrying couplings, you can reliably transfer electricity for wagon interior lights, taillights, sound modules and much more from one wagon to the other. The coupling fits in any car with N coupling receptacle or NEM 355 standard shaft and can be loaded with up to 1.2A

Pack comes with 1 pair

Scale:  HO Scale

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