LDT RM-DEC-88 Case

LDT RM-DEC-88 Case

Decoder Case
Suitable for the LDT Decoder:
4-fold turnout decoder S-DEC4
4-fold switch decoder SA-DEC-4
Digital Booster DB-2/Adap-CDE/Adap-ROCO
16-fold feedback module RM-88-N/RM-88-N-O and RM-DEC-88/RM-DEC-88-O
Reverse-Loop Module KSM-SG
4-fold light-signal decoder LS-DEC
4-fold train influence module ZBM
16-fold feedback module RS-16-O
Interface HSI-88(-USB) and data switch DSW-88
WatchDog-decoder WD-DEC
TrainDetect-88 TD-88
Transponder reader COL-10
Track occupancy detector GBM-8
DiCoStation and KeyCommander KeyCom
Turntable-Decoder TT-DEC

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