Lenz 10321-01 Silver 21+ DCC Decoder (21 Pin)

Lenz 10321-01 Silver 21+ DCC Decoder (21 Pin)

Lenz 21 Pin Decoder

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Product Code:  10321-01
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Lenz 10321-01 Silver 21+ DCC Decoder (21 Pin)

The SILVER + 21 has the same features as the SILVER, but is equipped with a 21-pin interface connector on the board and even more space-saving thanks to its 2.5 mm shorter design.

  • RailCom capable, RailCom function already set at the factory
  • ABC technology from Lenz
  • high-frequency control of the engine speed
  • Motor current duration / peak: 1 / 1.8 A
  • four function
  • outputs , each capable of handling 300 mA Total load capacity of all F outputs: 300 mA
  • SILVER +, SILVER + PluX-12, SILVER + direct, SILVER + 21: five F outputs each 500 mA loadable
  • Total load capacity of all F outputs: 500 mA
  • All SILVER +: function outputs time-controlled switchable (eg for remote-controlled couplings)
  • Outputs naturally short-circuit protected
  • drive with 2- and 4-digit addresses
  • of course also in multiple traction
  • automatic detection digital / analog operation
  • Shunting

Digital plus decoder of the + series are equipped with the RailCom function.
With RailCom, bidirectional communication between the locomotive and the center is possible: besides the locomotive address, further data (eg current speed, CV content) can be sent back from the locomotive via the track and processed by suitable software via the Railcombus message system in the PC become.

The outstanding feature of all digital plus decoders is the exclusive ABC technology, which enables simple, accurate stopping in front of signals . By using the ABC brake modules, a particularly simple signal stop can be realized. In conjunction with the constant braking distance exact stopping in front of red signals is no problem. Of course, the passage in the opposite direction is possible.

The implementation of the signal image "slow motion" is easily possible, the speed to be traveled in this case can be set by CV in the decoder. During the signal hold or slow motion all functions can be operated, also can be moved backwards away from the red signal. And: with the ABC brake modules even shuttle trains can be set up - with or without intermediate stops. In addition, the ABC modules BM3 can easily be used to set up a block section of any length .

Dimensions: 20.5 x 15.5 x 3.92 mm
Article number: 10321-01

Decoder type:  21pin MTC
Motor current, continuous:  1.2A
Function Outputs:  6
Condition:  New Product

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