Lenz SET101 Digital system
 Lenz SET101 Digital systemLenz SET101 Digital system 

Lenz SET101 Digital system

SET101: the comfortable start with Digital plus

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SET101: the comfortable start with Digital plus

For small and large model railways. With few or many locos, points and signals.
The SET101 consists of

  •  the new central amplifier-amplifier combination LZV200
  •  the new hand controller LH101

The new hand controller LH101 with multifunction knob and these new practical features:

  •  Loco addressing 1 - 9999, additionally a conventional locomotive * controllable Attention! Important NOTE!
  •  finely graduated, precise knob
  •  Normal or shunting mode
  •  Storage of various routes in the hand controller
  •  Choice of club mode
  •  Adjustment of display brightness and contrast

The proven remains natural:

  •  28 and 128 speed steps
  •  four-digit locomotive addresses possible
  •  Up to 29 switchable functions per locomotive
  •  Double and multiple traction function
  •  Removal for automatic control optional
  •  unlimited connectivity of additional amplifiers
  •  Up to 31 optional input devices can be connected to the XpressNet
  •  Programming during operation (PoM - Programming on Main)
  •  Up to 1,024 points, signals and other magnetic products switchable
  •  Feedback bus for connecting feedback devices and feedback-capable switching receivers
  •  Provides a maximum current of 5A for the operation of your trains

The SET101 contains the new LZV200 , the new combination of amplifier and control panel 

Amps:  5

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