LS Digital Light Signal Decoder
LS Digital Light Signal DecoderLS Digital Light Signal DecoderLS Digital Light Signal Decoder

LS Digital Light Signal Decoder

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Light signal decoders for LEDs and Uni are suitable for the most common light signals on the market such as Viessmann, Brawa or Erbert and many more. You can display a total of 9 LEDs with the light signal decoder.
The decoder works with the DCC protocol or DCC ASPECT mode.
All signal images are already programmed in the decoder, no tedious programming or configuration of the signal images is necessary. Each signal has its own CV, you can now simply prepare the output for the correct signal using CV or POM.
We already support the following signals in the decoder:

- DB block signal, track lock signal, distant signal as well as combined DB signals such as exit, entry with and without distant signal.
DR signals, main signal with and without stripes, complete
- DB Ks signal, entry, distant signal, exit signal, entry multi-section signal
- ÖBB signals, main signal, distant signal, main signal with distant signal
- SBB signals, main signal, distant signal, main with distant signal 7 lights.
- NMBS signals, opposite track, simplified, simplified opposite track
- Traffic light controls for simple traffic lights, with pedestrian crossing. Intersection traffic light control.

In addition to the various light signalimages that are preset in the decoder, we also have numerous other effects such as: flickering light, neon tube, neon tube defective, television flickering, computer flickering, dimming functions, fireplace light, campfire, welding light, welding light with afterglow and much more. built-in.We explain all functions and how they are configured in detail in our operating instructions, which you can download from order to make the light signal decoder as simple as possible, we decided on a simple and small design. This means that the decoder can be installed where it is needed. The decoder has only 2 leads. These lines carry the electricity and the digital information itself.

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