LUX-Modellbau 9320 Wheel clear HOm
LUX-Modellbau 9320 Wheel clear HOmLUX-Modellbau 9320 Wheel clear HOmLUX-Modellbau 9320 Wheel clear HOm

LUX-Modellbau 9320 Wheel clear HOm

Our Price:  £175.00 (VAT incl.)
Product Code:  LUX9320
Brand:  LUX-Modellbau





Lux- Modellbau 9305 H0 Wheel clearner for AC/DC and analog and digital.

This unit is designed to be fitted in to your layout. As your trains run over the unit it will clear all wheels of the loco and the rolling stock. This will clear the wheels of the locks and the rolling stock. Most of use clear the loco wheels but if you don't also keep wagons clean then this is just adding to your problem of keeping track clean.

This unit is for HOm track and is for not just 2-rail.

You can use either digital or analog power to drive the locos deepening on your needs. There is a motor in the unit that need a DC 0-12 volt power supply to power this. If you wish to drive this motor from your digital system you can add a simple loco decoder. Then you would be able to control the speed of the cleaning pads under the loco wheels.

The unit measurements:-

Technical specifications:

  • The wheel cleaning system was designed taking into account the standards of European model railways.
  • Power supply 0-12 volts (DC)
  • Power supply digital multi-protocol decoder (Motorola DCC Selectrix format)
  • Current consumption approx. 100 mA
  • Maximum motor voltage on the cleaning drive 12 volts DC
  • Cleaning length table and built-in device 183 mm
  • Installation dimensions built-in device length 300 mm, width 40 mm, height 50 mm
  • External dimensions of the table top device: length 900 mm, width 70 mm, height 62 mm

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