Marklin 60883 Digital L88 (Links S88)

Marklin 60883 Digital L88 (Links S88)

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Marklin 60883 Digital L88 (Links S88)

Connection for s 88 (MN60881) and s 88 DC (MN60882) and the former s 88 feedback modules (6088 and 60880) to the Central Station II and Central Station 3, or to the terminal MN60125 (Obsolete).

There's a current connector for the feedback modules 6088 and 60880, and two RJ-45 jacks for the new feedback modules MN60881 and MN60882 are available. Furthermore, 16 inputs for contactor analogy 60881 are present. These 16 inputs can be configured specifically for track control panels so that a matrix with up to 64 buttons can be created.

To operate, a switching power supply MN66360 or a MN60882 decoder is required.

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