Busch 50902 Mercedes Unimog U 430 green

Busch 50902 Mercedes Unimog U 430 green

Busch 50902 Unimog

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Mercedes Unimog U430 with trailer "Green" Article Number: 50902 New: 2014 Availability: Flatbed truck with flashing beacon, ideal emergency vehicle for rough terrain for transporting heavy or bulky objects subcontracting. Mercedes-Benz Unimog A powerhouse! First drawings of Albert Friedrich showed in 1945 a motorized universal device for agriculture. A combination of all-wheel drive with four equal sized wheels and agricultural equipment, also a 25 hp tractor, stationary drive machine and delivery vehicle for agriculture. The PTO driven for Chargers forward cargo space in the middle and rear towing device equipped vehicle was initially planned with 6 speeds up to 50 km.After a production contract with the company Erhard & Sí_hne (Schwabisch Gmund) was closed in December 1945, engineers developed the car further. The practical idea was in the foreground and a rational management of the project has been considered.1948 the time has come, the new vehicle type is presented. The universal motor device, briefly Unimog is born. To date, over 344,000 vehicles were manufactured in different series. They are everywhere in the world in action, some even under the most difficult climatic and topographic conditions. With over 3,500 different attachments and countless bodies of Unimog can be used universally. Thanks to its outstanding off-road capabilities, durability, robustness and efficiency it can be found in all industries and sectors, whether in agriculture and forestry, the municipal sector, fire brigades and emergency services, the military, industry, as a two-way vehicle on rails, on expeditions and even rallies. True to the motto "Do not go not, Gibt's" he drives easily use points to where there is no longer a long time to get through to other vehicles!. in April 2013 a new generation was introduced to Unimog vehicles - the 405 series. This off-road implement carriers are particularly suitable for use all year round with changing attachments. As many as eight types with a power range of 115-220 kW (160-300 PS) includes this new series.Equipped with cutting-edge engine and transmission technology, the new models meet the Euro 6 emission standard. A powerful hydraulic system and PTO and auxiliary drives allow operation of various attachments. The enhanced cab with large window area offers the best view of all attachments and high level of comfort and safety. Quite small but still quite large - the 1: 87er model.The completely newly developed miniature corresponds to the Unimog U430 with wheelbase of 3,150 mm and an output of 220 kW (300 hp), which brings a model depending on the version, a permissible gross weight from 11.99 to 13.8 tonnes on the scales.Significantly lighter but not immovable is 3.3 cm high image of the giant. Three engineers were simultaneously busy to implement this complex model into action. It had mountains of data handled, be converted and transferred. In this mold data from five competent toolmakers by EDM, milling, grinding, drilling and polishing were transferred into injection molds. 42 Parts, for the model with Mower even 68 individual parts, a finished three dimensional and fully moveable model was developed in careful handwork - "Made in Germany". Hair Sharp contours and fine engravings let every little detail with the naked eye visible. Even the filmy window pillar on the driver's and passenger's side as well as the separately infected wipers were executed in the finest injection molding technology !!! Since the perfectly reproduced in every detail multiple mirrors are already pure minor matter. The absolute highlight of the model with the mower are fully movable joint arms. Whether left or right, forward or backward, up or down - no matter, the articulated arm with malfunctioning hydraulic rods does it all. Even the mower turns easily around its own axis.For this purpose, the articulated arm can still on the lower track, like the real thing, moving from right to left. Also mounted on the front deck enjoying the highest mobility. Is it first taken out of the prescribed bracket, it can be moved in all directions and bring in any position as the big brother. Incidentally, this precision performance was implemented in just six months !!!

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