MTB MP5 Point motor with two switching relays 6 Pack

MTB MP5 Point motor with two switching relays 6 Pack

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MTB MP5 point motor with two switch relays.

Miniature dimensions 30mm X 42 mm

Universal wiring as electromagnetic or motorized switch

4 stroke steps 3, 6, 9 and 12 mm

Integrated double switch contact

Convenient installation with removable connector The

stroke is set in four stages 3 , 6, 9 and 12 mm, pin position in the driver. The ball mechanism ensures a smooth stop to the end position and its lock.

The MP5 is universal - three-wire (as electromagnets) or two-wire (motorised), so it is easy to replace the original types without changing the wiring system.

These point motors can be digitalised with the use of many accessory decoders. We would suggest using the DR4018. This accessory decoder will drive 8 of these point motors.

For additional use, the relay is equipped with two switching contacts with a capacity of 1A. The limit switches ensure the range is reached even when the power supply is restored

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