MTB MP5 Point motor with two switching relays

MTB MP5 Point motor with two switching relays

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MP5 Point motors

Model railway motor switch MP5
• Motor switch with silent and slow motion
• Miniature scantlings 30x42mm (w x l)
• Inbuilt motor with planetary transmission
• Universal connection like electromagnetic or motor switch
• 4 steps – 3, 6, 9 and 12 mm
• Integrated double throw contact
• Easy instalation with removable connector


The motor switch is used for electric operation of the two-position mechanisms in models, such as turnout points or mechanical signals and barriers. The travel distance can be set in four steps, 3 mm, 6mm, 9mm and 12mm.

Both d.c. and a.c. power supplies are suitable, with a current consumption approx 150 mA during motion. The mechanism has a end of travel detection switch, i.e. the control voltage can be applied permanently, to be disconnected automatically once a respective position is reached and the motion stops. The integration of motor switch MP5 is universal – three-conductors (like electromagnetic)) or two-condutors (like motor switch). You can change the old types easily without changeover of railway´s wiring. Switches are compatible with regular DCC decoders e.g. Lenz LS100, LS150 or decoders for motor switches. Motor switch has also two switch contacts with capacity 1A for supplemental application. The end switches provide the range to position after econditioning disconected power supply.

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