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MXULFA DECODER UPDATE AND SOUND INSTALLATION MODULE Until 2011, the loading of new software and sound projects used the update device MXDECUP and a computer running ZIRC, ZST or ZSP, or used the MX31ZL System Cab and a computer or USB stick. So we have the new MXULF Update Device which builds on the experience with previous products to provide a decoder update device which uses the latest technology to perform the software upgrade and individualization of the decoder in a reliable and very easy to use way. - Software Update from USB Stick for all ZIMO Decoder und ZIMO Sound Decoder. - Sound Project loading from USB stick for all ZIMO Sound Decoder. - Update the MXULF Software itself, also from a USB Stick. For the first version of the MXULF software, the updating of decoder software and sound projects has been implemented, because this method has significant advantages over a direct connection of the MXULF to the computer, which often runs into problems with the operating system and/or drivers. But the MXULF itself can be updated by new versions of the software which (in the next few months) will add further capability: - Driving and Function Switching using the MXULF, in order to be able to test new versions of the software or sound projects (MXULF as a Digital Command Station) - Reloading of sound components in the Decoder, modification of a loaded sound projects with a home-made whistle or station announcement. - the USB Computer Interface of the MXULF, whereby decoder updates, sound project loading and reloading can be controlled from your computer, but also the vast potential of ZIRC(= ZIMO Rail Centre) can be used to configure the CVs of the decoder. - the expandable LCD Display (2 by 16 Characters), supports the loading of software and sound projects from USB stick by allowing viewing and selecting files and during driving supports the setting of an address, the selection of functions and programming of CVs. - In the final version of the MXULF to a Small Digital Command Station, especially in conjunction with the computer control software, since the capacity of the microcontroller and the memory of the MXULF is greater than many "real" digital command stations.

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