N12851 Cows Mooing Sound Scene
N12851 Cows Mooing Sound SceneN12851 Cows Mooing Sound SceneN12851 Cows Mooing Sound Scene

N12851 Cows Mooing Sound Scene

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N12851 Cows Mooing Sound Scene

Product DetailsDetails cow pastureThis is where sound comes out!Breathe life into your model landscape! That was still missing in the large STILL program: the happy mowing cow!Due to the compact design of the circuit board with loudspeaker, the sound can be built into the model landscape precisely where the sound is to be created, e.g. B. in a building.You will be surprised how much more realistic a sound sounds when it is made in the middle of the action.The connection is made via a standard 16 V model train transformer. Suitable for direct and alternating current.Connecting the sound module to a power source: Connect the black cable directly to one of the two luminous flux outputs on the transformer. The red cable is connected to the other luminous flux output of the transformer. The sound now sounds continuously. If desired, you can make the sound switchable. A switch or a control panel (not included in the scope of delivery) can be used for this. Use this on / off switch to interrupt the circuit on the red cable.Note: The volume of the sound cannot be adjusted. If you find the noise too loud, you can use the item no. 91900 order a resistor for retrofitting.

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