New Class 101 Met-Cam DMU 'Leyland Engines' (Legomanbiffo)

New Class 101 Met-Cam DMU 'Leyland Engines' (Legomanbiffo)

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New Class 101 Met-Cam DMU 'Leyland Engines' (Legomanbiffo)

Class 101 Met-Cam DMU (Legomanbiffo) Metro-Cammel DMU (Legomanbiffo) Mechanical Transmission Suits 101/105/108/121/122/128 & Single Railcars


All sound decoders we recommend be sent Insured special delivery*** Function Key Layout for ESU/LOKSOUND V4 Sound Decoders. F0 Lights On / Off (New Fade on/Fade off feature enabled)

  • F1 Sound On/Off. Start-Up:
  • F2 Playable High Note Horn.
  • F3 Playable Low Note Horn.
  • F4 Buffer Clash on slow speed / Two different coupling hook sounds when stationery.
  • F5 Brake Application.
  • F6 Drivers door slamming (If left on, random door slams activated on passenger doors).
  • F7 Drivers Sliding Doors (open/close).
  • F8 Manual Gear Change.
  • F9 Automatic Flange/Wheel Squeel.
  • F10 Guard / Despatch Whistle.
  • F11 Guard to Driver 'Right of Way signal' Buzzer.
  • F12 UNUSED.
  • F13 UNUSED.
  • F14 Handbrake On.
  • F15 Handbrake Off.
  • F16 UNUSED
  • F17 UNUSED
  • F18 Track Detonators (A speed dependant 3 Bang Stop Warning).
  • F19 Aux 1
  • F20 Aux 2

* The first gear change, which occurs shortly after the unit has moved off, is automatic. There after, the user can change gear at any speed by briefly pressing and releasing F8. This does not affect the ability of the unit to be put into a coast at any speed. To coast, briefly set speed to zero, then return to say 'Half Speed', coasting & rail joint noises are now enabled.

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