OG_CB DCC Circuit Breaker

OG_CB DCC Circuit Breaker

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OnGuard! DCC Power Regulation OG-CB DCC Circuit Breaker Features 4 Amps Easy to Install Screw Terminals No Relays 1 Year Warranty Low Cost No Power Supply Required See OnGuard! Pictures NEW OnGuard! Installation Notes PSX vs. OnGuard comparison "All my locomotives are sound equipped and yes the Digitrax AR1 gave me a headache with its unreliability. I gave it away and replaced it with a DCC Specialties OG-AR from Tony's Trains. I have not had a single fault since its installation. It's working great." - Oliver M. Compatibility with most DCC Systems. Lower power systems such as the Digitrax Zephyr and the Atlas Commander lack the power to operate OnGuard.

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