Power Distribution MoBa Distributor V1.1 Kit

Power Distribution MoBa Distributor V1.1 Kit

Our Price:  £8.00 (VAT incl.)
Product Code:  01-13-19-03
Brand:  Modellbau Schoenwitz





Power Distribution MoBa distributor V1.1 kit Thanks to the Moba Verteilers_V1.1 it is possible comfortably to wire under the model railway layout. About the quality screw can be quickly new consumers or track gates to supply power. All terminal points marked with "A" are connected by exactly how all the points with "B". Next to each "A" terminal is a "B" terminal so you can connect your consumers clearly without cable chaos. Through the Status LEDs, you can at any time under the system detect whether abuts the board a voltage or not to entirely without measure. Lights both LEDs is an AC voltage at "A" and "B". When only LED "A", is "to B. A DC voltage with plus at" A "and minus to Lit only LED" B ", is a DC voltage with plus to . "B" and Minus to "A to get a kit comes with detailed assembly instructions. Technical information:

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