Railway Laser Lines Single Sleeper Spacer Tool

Railway Laser Lines Single Sleeper Spacer Tool

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Dimensions: L 93mm x W 3mm x H 47mm

Materials Used; Acrylic

Assembly Required: No

Additional Parts Required (Not Included With Kit): Track

Do you want to have more prototypical looking track?

Then the Railway Laser Lines Sleeper Spacer Tool may just be the perfect little tool that you’re looking for to help you with this task.
It has 10 slots, so doing a yard of Peco track shouldn’t take too long as this tool is aimed at speeding up that process. The tool is made fron acrylic so will ONLY do straight pieces of track and not designed to go around bends. You will still need to do this manually but hopefully with the use of the sleeper spacer tool, it will give you more time to do these sections.

Once you have cut all the sleepers on the track to individual ones, getting rid of the joining parts altogether, you will need to move the sleepers together and then slide them along to fit within each slot of the spacer tool. You can place the tool within the centre of the rails or alternatively do it on the outer sides, two tools work better on the outer sides to keep them level. .

It’s certainly worth testing out how to do this the best way you feel will help you on a spare piece of track.

There are a number of modellers who have done videos on sleeper spacing on YouTube.

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